We are often asked about our online gallery and it’s features.   Here are some helpful tips:

To Download a photo from our OLD gallery archive:

Once the gallery is ready for download, you’ll receive a link to download your .zip file. If you’re still browsing the gallery when your file becomes ready, you’ll see a pop-up notification.

You don’t need to hang around waiting for it. You will also receive an email with the download link. These links will expire automatically after two weeks to help keep your photos safe and reduce storage of stale files in case we make changes to the gallery. You can request a fresh link any time!

If your gallery has a lot of photos, your download will be split into several .zip files to help speed up downloading. Just click each link that appears to ensure you grab every .zip file.

If the .zip files are very large, your browser will handle them in parts as well, so you may see temporary file extensions until the full .zip has been downloaded (unconfirmed.crdownload in Chrome and filename.zip.part in Firefox). These temporary filenames will disappear and become the regular .zip file once the download is fully complete. So wait until the download finishes before attempting to open the .zip file.