Here are some easy to follow steps to get your photos from our online gallery to your phone:

STEP 1: Click on the gallery link sent to your email/text from your mobile device.

STEP 2: Your gallery will display a collage of images. To download the image(s) you’d like to your phone, press and hold until a checkbox appears at the bottom, left of the image.

STEP 3: If you just want to share/download a single image click on the curved arrow.

STEP 4: You have the options to send or share these photos to multiple social media sites, email them or save them to your phone. If you want to save them to your phone, and not share directly to social media (social sharing is the easiest option) choose “download” at the bottom.


STEP 5: Follow the on-screen prompt (press + hold) the photo(s) you wish to download. If you’d like to download multiple photos, press and hold photo by photo. Note: The “Save Image” dialogue will pop up.

STEP 6: Click “Save Image” if you wish to save the images you selected to your phone. (These instructions are shown using an iPhone. Please consult your phone manual if using another device if you have any questions at this step.)

STEP 7: Before the photo saves to your phone, you may get a prompt to grant access for gallery to save images to your phone. Choose OK.

Then go to your Photos to access your downloaded image files.