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The Art of Blowing Minds
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  • Gaffney, SC Photographer - The Zigs Creative Co.
    Gaffney, SC Photographer - The Zigs Creative Co.
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  • Gaffney SC Engagement Photographers
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  • Spartanburg Wedding Photographer
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Capturing the moments between moments is our specialty.

Making photographs makes our heart beat. Working as a team, we make heartfelt, authentic, joyful images for people wild about each other, and about life. When you looked through the stories we’ve photographed, if you felt a connection, chances are you’re one of those people. We would truly love to tell a part of your story, whether it’s family portraits, wedding photography, event photography, announcements, holiday photography, or any other story you would like to tell through images. We can help.

Check out a few of our Corporate Clients.  We think they’re pretty cool.

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  • Graphic Design
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  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Development
Woodlawn Campground
Blacksburg PD
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce - Junior Ambassadors
Chick-fil-A of Gaffney, SC
Hot Spot Skatepark City of Spartanburg
Jerusalem Project
South Carolina Peach Festival Gaffney SC
Standing Rock Solid Youth Ministry Association
Winshape Camp Gaffney, SC
Trademark Church
Ali Henderson Music


I can appreciate promotional materials that look like your neighbor’s 2nd grader put together a ransom note with safety scissors and a glue stick (a clearly underrated genre). It’s just not always an ideal route to take when you want to put your best face forward. It’s beautiful to watch people do what they were built for, isn’t it? And that’s why there’s so much worth seeing in Brian’s work. If you’ve got a need for eye-catching graphic design or photography, then stop looking. You’ve found The Zigs Creative. His work is like a bouncy-house for your eyeballs. So much fun. And you just want IN.


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